About Us

Pack 244 is chartered through Saint Pius the Tenth Catholic Church and is a member of the Guilford District which is a part of the Old North State Council, Boy Scouts of America. Our Pack was originally chartered in 1959 and has been continuously rechartered since that date.  We have experienced consistent growth in our membership over the last several years and currently have approximately 50 scouts in our pack.

Pack 244 serves the youth of the Saint Pius the Tenth Parish and Saint Pius the Tenth School, however, membership is not limited to those associated with the church or school. We welcome all boys that are interested in becoming a scout in our Pack.

Pack 244 is dedicated to providing activities for boys in grades 1st through 5th that are fun, build character and promote core values. Events include hikes, bike rides, field trips, community service projects, picnics, Cub Scout Day Camp and Webelos Summer Camp. And if that's not enough, there are a wide variety of outings - museums, zoos, aircraft carriers, fire/police stations, libraries and sporting events.

Think your child is over-scheduled?  We encourage parents to be involved and we design the programs as "scheduled family-time".  The events are for you and your son.  We are not a drop-off program and encourage all parents to be active participants with the Pack.  Come share your son's adventures; he'll learn something, and you'll learn something about him.

Events are planned throughout the entire year, but we recognize that you are involved in other activities, so each event is optional. 

We meet at Saint Pius the Tenth School on Mondays from September through May at 7 pm. Den meetings (small groups of all boys in a given grade) are held in the Middle School classrooms typically the first two Mondays of the month. Pack meetings (a gathering of all dens in our Pack) are typically held the third Monday of the month.

With an emphasis on good leadership, Pack 244 encourages and supports the official scout training of all of its leaders and places the protection and enrichment of its youth as its highest priority.

Pack 244 is always open to new members. If you have any question please contact us through our Contact Us page, or click here  .